Re-programming the Sub-conscious mind is quick and lasting with PSYCH-K®

PSYCH-K® is a non-invasion, simple process that assists in changing out-dated and limiting beliefs that are stored in the sub-conscious mind.

What is PSYCH-K® Balancing

PSYCH-K® Balancing is safe, powerful and works quickly to effect positive belief changes which in turn supports ease in movement toward manifesting your goals.  It helps you communicate directly with your sub-conscious mind by using methods that integrate both right and left hemispheres and both the conscious and sub-conscious mind so they are all on the same page. The balances serve to change limiting beliefs that are stored in the sub-conscious to new self-enhancing ones that support positive change.

It’s about changing the mindset that is holding you back, and once that is changed, you will be able to move forward and create the results you are wanting without the struggle you had before the balance. The balance creates the potential and provides a new mind set; you create results through your actions.

How long does it take for the balance to work?

The balance may be felt instantaneously or may evolve over time (hours, days, weeks or longer). It depends on what else needs to be set in place in terms of action for the goal to manifest. For example: if you want a new job, you might free your mind toward manifesting the goal without inner struggle, but you still need to go through the process of job seeking. If you find looking for work difficult, then the goal would be to change the mind set to embrace the process with eager anticipation of finding the right job for you.

How long does a balance last?

Balances seem to last until they are no longer useful to the sub-conscious or until you decide to balance for a new goal. Change is part of life and so a balance at one time might not be useful at another. With PSYCH-K® you can take charge of life changes with ease and flexibility and veer away from the emotionally charged or traumatic events that come as a reminder that something needs to be changed.

What to expect from a PSYCH-K® session?

  • We will work together to clarify an overall goal.
  • We will work on establishing a new belief statement to support the goal
  • We will test the belief using Muscle Testing.
  • If the muscle test is strong, then we will know that the sub-conscious supports this belief (in this case, another belief statement will be clarified)
  • If the muscle test is weak, then we will proceed with finding a balance. (We always ask the super conscious mind, or higher power, if it is safe and appropriate to balance for the goal before we start the balance).
  • Using the particular technique of the balance chosen, we will balance for the new belief statement.
  • We will test the change and repeat the process if necessary (usually only one balance is required) until the belief tests strong and is supported by the sub-conscious.
  • We will celebrate the change.
  • You can expect the change to take effect very quickly.

What to expect from a PSYCH-K® Facilitator?

This is a “do with” process, we honor the power and responsibility of everyone for making the changes they seek. We honor your power and responsibility for making changes in your life. Our part is to facilitate the process as we work with you.

  • We respect uniqueness in everyone and keep all information confidential.
  • We use PSYCH-K® to support our own changes
  • Treat others with respect and professionalism
  • We address others with integrity and compassion and honor each individual in their life journey
  • We support and celebrate success in ourselves and others.
  • We seek to do the best we can for each client we serve.
  • We actively engage in learning from the best of the best in the wellness industry and incorporate that in all our sessions with others.

PSYCH-K® sessions are useful in many areas of life, here are some categories:

  • Grief and Loss
  • Forgiveness
  • Self-Esteem
  • Relationships
  • Spirituality
  • Personal Power
  • Prosperity
  • Wellness


PSYCH-K® Facilitator at Go For Wellness

Dora has completed 4 levels of PSYCH-K® training:

  • Basic
  • Advanced Integration
  • Pro
  • PER-K

She has successfully worked with many clients to help re-program outdated beliefs at the sub-conscious level. She is also an Herbalist and certified Aromatherapist with a passion for plant medicine. Based on the unique situation for each client, this support can also be included in the PSYCH-K® session.

You are the driver in the process, Dora is the Facilitator.

A PSYCH-K® session with Dora is usually an hour, however the first one is usually longer. RATE. $75.00 per session.

Book a session with Dora and Free your mind with PSYCH-K®


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