The Gardener and the Garden

Jan 04, 2021

The Age of Aquarius is our new reality, and I was very intrigued to learn more about this through the work of Emmet Fox.

He talks about the ages as ushering in a complete change in all our fundamental values and in looking at human life in a new way.

Each age is approximately 2150 years long and the passing of one age to the other is always accompanied by both external and internal storm and stress. And a new age is not about polishing up on the ways of the exiting age but rather is a complete renewal process. In this way of thinking, the destruction of much in our world these days is exactly as it should be as old outgrown ways are being demolished to make room for the new.

All structures: political; social; ecclesiastical; methods of doing work; relationship; self-expression and self-discovery are changing. And in Gods plan, this is necessary for the evolving of our souls.

The passing through the ages are seen in this way to be the unfolding of the soul and we are now in a time when we must tend to our consciousness just as a gardener tends to the garden. The gardener knows that the right environment will encourage the development of good healthy crops.  

In his work, Fox suggests that, the Age of Aquarius is about growing in the knowledge of God and knowing him directly, without external prophets and teachers. We are in a time where self discovery is possible as never before.

Furthermore, Uranus is the ruling planet of this Age and Uranus stands for Individuality which Fox suggests means that every human soul will have equal opportunity for true self-expression. The Age of Aquarius is about Personal Freedom.

Each age works out Natural Laws and this age is about tending to a whole new consciousness and he uses the symbolism of the relationship of the Gardener and the Garden to explore this.  

“…psychology may today be called the handmaid of metaphysics, and psychology is insisting more and more that the conscious and the sub-conscious minds stand almost exactly in the relationship of gardener and garden.” page 122 from: The Lost Booklets of Emmet Fox.

The gardener prepares the ground, sows the seed and waters it… the rest is left to Nature. The message here being that when we tend to the conscious aspect of our mind, we can make changes in the sub-conscious and the more we weed out that which is no longer serving, and seed in new ones, and nurture them, they will replace the outgrown thoughts and become our new reality.

Going even further into this, we will realize the power of God the same way we see the power of nature when the plant expresses itself through a nurturing and caring environment. The plant expresses based on the nature of the plant species it belongs to. And so, as God’s children, we to have the ability to express Gods love and goodness… if we tend to our consciousness in the right way.

And how we prepare our consciousness, is to weed out the hostility and negativity that we may be accustomed to engaging in, and turn our focus instead to God. Thinking of God as love, all powerful and so forth when negativity comes a calling is the way to train our conscious minds to know God better and express the goodness therein and bloom as we are intended to. Soon we will find ourselves with more positive and loving habits. And so it is in this way that we are growing in spirituality.

The dominant note of the Age of Aquarius is Spiritual Development and Spiritual Demonstration. Fox writes: “And so the Great World Teacher or the new age is not to be any man or woman, or any textbook, or any organization but the Indwelling Christ, that each individual is to find and contact for himself.” pg 124

We are to seek the presence of God in our own hearts and have direct contact with God. We are to use books, lectures and churches to that end. Doctrine and rules no longer serve … those ways are falling away … destruction is necessary to bring in the consciousness of the new age.

This new age makes it possible for everyone that desires it, to make contact with the spiritual power which is all around and in us… which is God. And it is our way out of any trouble. For no harm can come to us when we are truly expressing the Presence of God.

Our work in this age is to learn to connect with God and to realize that we are all God’s children… each unique and with the ability to express God in our own way.

Once we realize the power of this connection… the true inner-standing of God to us, we are then able to inner-stand that the condition of our lives depends upon our knowledge of God.

Everything around us is going to change as we travel in this new age. And it is our attitude that will determine the outcome. Because our soul is feed by our attitude. An attitude of resistance to the changes will result in feelings of futility. If we march on with eager anticipation of learning new ways that will result in happiness.

The Age of Aquarius is ruled by Uranus… also known as the great destructor. And it is time for that which is no longer serving to fall away… be destroyed. When we are conscious of the need for this destruction, we are better equipped to embrace the new and express ourselves freely. We have outgrown the ways of the past age.

Quoting from Fox. “Now the free expression of individuality must mean true democracy in the sense that every human soul shall have an equal opportunity for true self-expression as the thing that God intended it to be, and , on the other hand, as the master of its own fate and the captain of its own soul, it becomes the autocrat of its own life, answerable to God alone and unrestricted in its development by any tyrannical outside interference. That is Uranus.” Pg 115

This is an age where we will learn to experience and express God in a new way. We will learn about the true nature of God and this we will realize, is open to us to Infinity. And when we seek God in all our doings… meaning we put our consciousness to focus on God instead of troubles… we prepare ourselves for amazing adventures and demonstrations of the vastness and beauty of God within our world.

We are in an age where we are ready to move forward without personal prophets of any kind and to contact the Living God at first hand.

Changes comes with a certain amount of disturbance and temporary chaos and our personal fate will depend upon the condition in which we keep our consciousness. With an attitude of mental peace and good-will toward all we can root out all hostility and condemnation of our brothers and sisters. When this state of consciousness is achieved, nothing can harm us.

We accomplish this by realizing and acknowledging the Presence of God in anything. Do unto others as you would have done to you is a perfect way to move forward in this age of tending to our consciousness.

It is time to set our hearts to God… like the Gardener… prepare the land and sow the seed, then water it and leave the rest to Nature. Knowing that when we consciously turn our focus to God in all things, especially in times of trouble, we allow the natural and powerful nature of God to express in our beingness and we will be abundantly fruitful. This is the Law of Being.

Be like the Gardener and plant your seeds in prepared soil with good sun and water. Prepare your consciousness for growth as this is the time of the Great Awakening when we will know God and we will express God as a result. There can be no other result to this than a beautiful life.          

The connection between the concept of gardener and garden is that of tending to both the conscious and the sub-conscious. We must weed out the beliefs and thoughts that no longer serve and make room for the new consciousness. The consciousness of knowing God more personally and individually. Just as each seed expresses itself based on the nourishing environment and conscious effort of the gardener to take care of it, so must we tend to the environment we expose our consciousness to. Our thoughts and beliefs will determine the fruitfulness of our lives

We are all children of God and it is our time to realize the power of that in terms of creating a magnificent garden in our consciousness. Our work is to express God in our beingness and come to know peace and love as it was meant for us.

Happy Gardening everyone.