The Coffee and the Cup

Dec 03, 2020

I was inspired to write this today by a busy dream this morning that had me feeling very tired when I woke up. I took some time to examine the dream... it was about finding coffee and the cup. What the heck was that about, I wondered when I got up.

The dream: The scene was public and it varied as dreams often go for me. The main theme was finding coffee... there was coffee around but then the cups were hard to find...the ones available were either to wide or too flimsy.

When I did finally find an ideal cup, the coffee place was down for cleaning or something. But there were more coffee places and the search continued and I grew more frustrated at not being able to find coffee.

Then I heard my dog yelping. Being a small dog I had to call for her and rescue her from some bigger dogs she was with. She was dirty and worn out from the activities in the market. I carried her with me as I searched for the coffee and the cup. Not sure about the significance of that scene... perhaps she was actually yelping from her crate to get up with me. I leave that piece for now. If it is meant to become clear, it will.

Frustration was a constant theme throughout the dream as I searched and searched for the coffee and the cup. Then I went to the hotel room we were staying at ... I had to travel down some stairs and it was a rather unusual way in to the room... sort of like going in through the back door. When I entered the room, I saw that many in the room had coffee. There was still coffee in the pot and that is when I woke up.

I got up straight away and went to the kitchen, made coffee and filled my favorite cup... then went into my favorite morning sitting chair and wrote in my journal. My thoughts went to questioning why would I dream of coffee and a cup... and shortly thereafter began to see the relevance of the dream.

Drinking coffee is one of my morning rituals along with spending time with my journal and sometimes reading. That first cup of coffee is so wonderful and it is a comfort to sit and sip it as a start to my day.

And I do have favorite cups. It is all part of the enjoyment of this ritual. Morning is the only time of the day I normally drink coffee, and not just any coffee... it is good coffee, organic and ethically grown.

I came to see that the symbolism of looking for coffee and the right cup in the dream was connected to me finding my right place in this time. There was some chaos in the dream as well... slight but there. And I saw that the dream was asking me to focus on finding the right cup for me and to see that it is time to walk my walk and find what that is. The chaos is a distraction and will frustrate me if I look there. I feel I am being led inwards.

The dream spoke to me as a reminder that to get to my purpose in this life right now... was to go inward... not seek it outwardly. And this comes at a time when I am clearing my space and looking at what speaks to me in regards to walking this life on purpose.

I see this dream as another reminder to move within and to take charge of my own life and not seek it externally. That resonates with me and so I will go with that. It makes so much sense.

It is my journey to travel with more focus on living my life on purpose; and the signs are simple... what warms me when I do it... that is how I know when I am living on purpose.

With all the chaos around us today... the reminder to go inward is an important one.