Sifting gears in support of rising consciousness

Nov 01, 2020

The time is now for me to shift gears. I am going to shift to support people in awareness and rising consciousness. That passion in me is being re-kindled by the “up front and centre tyranny” that is upon us now.

What is the truth? We can no longer discern the truth… the media doesn’t tell the whole story… doesn’t report what the insiders are reporting. We are being lead into confusion that divides many of us. And there is the conditioned belief that all will be ok, the government will take care of us.

But I don’t believe that anymore. I believe it is up to each individual to wake up and question all that is being asked or mandated to do “to keep us safe from each other”.

Forced vaccinations are a violation of my property… my body is my property and as a human being I am born sovereign. And so are you. So this idea of forcing vaccinations is a trespass to me and you, but we won’t be heard fairly on this matter in any legal court.

As a sovereign being, I want to be held accountable by my peers in a lawful court called common law not a legal court. The legal courts are man made laws, and not lawful to me or you as a sovereign being. Legal courts are beholden to those who have an interest in the outcome of their laws and rules and are in fact corporations. Who benefits in a corporation… the stake holders! Yup… follow the money.

The Law dictionaries speak a language quite different from our rightful Common Law language and is positioned to support the use of legal respresentation. And when you retain a lawyer, you are giving your rights away… this lawyer now speaks for you in a legal court that was man made - he is knowingly or unknowingly, part of the system. Beware!

Man is not above God… but you won’t see that represented in a legal court. We need courts, yes. But we need them to represent us as sovereign beings. The courts need to be there to make sure that each side of a claim is given voice and for the people to be judged by peers, as it is in a true common law court. The Magistrate or Sheriff is there to oversee that process is in good order, not to make the judgement. Lets start with uncovering that lie.

We have been lied to and we are now in confusion over what the truth really is.

We have been conditioned to be spoon fed and the time is now to shift those gears… to know our rights as sovereign beings and turn our backs to the tyranny that is being unleashed on us.

All this mandatory “shit” is a trespass on our rights as sovereign people. I believe we are now in the war between good and evil. It is a spiritual war and it has been foretold. I believe good will win but not without the final blast of evil from those who want to take over this amazing planet called earth. We are in the end game of this. And it isn’t feeling very good. So many will suffer!

Go For Wellness is there to support people in Wellness. And when I look around, and examine the information that I want to share with people… I question whether or not this information is really relevant at this time. I see much of it is but it needs some re-positioning. It doesn’t feel right to go on without acknowledging how we have been hood winged. No… I am awake and am interested in rising in consciousness to support others in this way as well.

Yes, there are still a lot of people sleep walking… and yes, I want to hlep wake people up. And I will continue to do what I can in that regard… but I am turning toward offering more support to those who want to rise in consciousness and connect with their truth and stand up for their rights as sovereign beings.

The members in the Go For Wellness Virtual gathering last week expressed that they wanted to explore the Chakras and as I think through how to position this for the next meeting, I am realizing that it just doesn’t make sense to move forward without examining how the current mask wearing and social distancing mandates, “in the name of health protection”, affect us at the root of our energy system. We will include this and look at how it affects us physically and mentally and how we can suffer when our root chakra is attacked.

This suffering is not god abandoning us, it is because we have been conditioned away from trusting our ourselves and our connection to a higher power. It is the man-made laws, that separate us from each other and from ourselves; that is doing harm to us. And we acquiesce in fear. And the fear feeds the evil and so forth.

They feed off us humans. They have for many years. Why have so many children and other humans gone missing over the years. They feed off our energy too… explains why the mainstream media is so negatively positioned… fear tactics… as they do what they are told by the ruling elite.

There is clear evidence of tunnels and underground living spaces that grow and harvest children… this is the evil that is upon us. Believe it or not… I am not here to argue or debate this… do your own research if you really are interested in digging for more evidence.

I am positioning to assist those that do believe there is evil and are wanting to share and learn how to nurture and  maintain their sovereign rights in spite of it… that includes the right to seek wellness remedies of choice.

It is very disturbing to watch people wearing masks… cover your mouth… that is basically the message. No. I will not cover my mouth … I will breath the air… I will speak my mind… I will not be forced to take a vaccine that I don’t trust to be good for me. I choose to support a healthy immune system. Those are my rights.

Our immune systems have been compromised and the more I learn about the poisons in our food and air over the years and the tyranny being imposed now, to stop people from gathering; from hugging; from growing food naturally and so on, the more I realize that nothing else really matters at this time than to stand together and unite in the name of Liberty.

I am breaking the shackles of the control that has taken so much of me… I want to tap into higher consciousness. I want to use my brain to envision a beautiful world, a world where people work, play and commune together: where there is respect for each other and where there is real joy. I want to help build community and share in peace and harmony. And when there is a dispute of wrongdoing, I want there to be access to a common law court… I want to see true justice for the people by the people.

I can offer all kinds of resources and information around wellness here at Go For Wellness, and I will, however, I know that this is not enough. We, the people, need to know that we have the power to make a difference in the world. We need to inner-stand our selves as sovereign beings with rights to Life and Liberty. This is what our forefathers wanted to secure for us and died for and is what is at stake today.

If we fail to recognize that we have been compromised in mind, body and spirit, by a small group of ruling elite, we will go on living in the lower vibrations of the fear, anger and resentment… we will stay divided. This elite would crumble and die if it was no longer fed the negative energy it needs. It is as simple as that. But, we still have division at this time and so we shift gears here at Go For Wellness to help support those that are awake or wanting to wake up and unite with others in Liberty.

Our next virtual gathering will be a discussion around the root chakra and how the tyranny surrounding this so-called pandemic is affecting this energy area in our body.

It is the roots that support the plant: kill the root; kill the plant. So too with people… with our roots being attacked, we lose our support for Life and Liberty.

This is the way I am seeing it and it is God that is leading me daily as I navigate these difficult times. I am not a religious person, but I most certainly inner-stand the god spark within me and the connections to a higher power: it flows through when I tap in and allow it.

The time is now to step into our power and rise in consciousness and change our world … for the sake of ourselves and our children.

In support of rising consciousness,
from Go For Wellness