Isolating Gramma

Apr 24, 2021

The love shared between a grandparent and a grandchild can be one of the most healing things. I feel so wonderful when love is shared between me and my grandchildren. It is the balm that can move me into a space of higher vibration. And that's what is needed at this time of great change.

I have a special bond with a 9 year old granddaughter who requires special needs. She lives in the moment and is a bundle of joy when she is in her creative space. When she comes to visit, she heads straight for the drawing table and we take out all her supplies. She creates amazing things and shares them with us. She loves to share, and she is very spontaneous with her expressions of love. Which has the amazing effect on us which is joy. I cherish these visits with her. I love all my grandchildren, I have three. This one however is special. Even though she has disabilities and special needs, she exhibits no sense of being a victim. She has taught me a lot about living in the moment and about the power of creativity and joy. I love her deeply.

This week, I asked my son if I could have her overnight. I try to get an overnight visit in with her once a month.  When my son did not answer my text message request right away... I sensed something was up. Then, a few days later, it was confirmed. The wife he's been married to for about three years called to let me know they were keeping their bubble small and let me know I would not be able to see my granddaughter because of this. I wanted to just say ok and move on but something inside me moved me to want to let her know I was sad about not being in the "bubble" with my son and grandchildren. She didn't want to hear anything I had to say. She just wanted to deliver the news and be done with it. She hung up on me while I was wanting to express my feelings around this. I called her back but she wouldn't answer the phone. Yes, this triggered me, and I know I could have handled things better. Ah, the learning journey can be tough.

Anyway, I messaged my son and let it out. I told him that the outcome of the conversation with his wife was why I choose to talk to him when asking for my granddaughter to visit (he has guardianship over her). Because conversations like this with his wife make me uncomfortable and don't flow respectfully and my voice is not allowed. And the ripple effect of the negativity that comes out of it hits everyone in a harsh way. It's a very sad situation and I sense I am not alone in this.

I choose not to wallow in the grief however, and I allowed it to flow for an evening and day; and now I seek to be peaceful around this. How I do that is by giving the situation to God in prayer; to my higher self which is all wise. My ego attempts to come in and play with me and keep me in a lower vibration, but I am aware and observant around this ego play and bid it farewell when it comes in.

My ego came out without conscious observation through the reaction around this news that I, Gramma, was not in the "bubble" with my grandchildren or my only child, my son. And I wish I would have handled it differently. I wish I would have just asked to speak to my son and not get into it with the wife - that would have put the ego into the back seat.  But what is done is done and cannot be undone. The good news is, I forgive myself and learn from it. My relationship with my son is not what it was, and I accept the change. I may not like it, but it is the way it is.

What will happen next, I do not know. I hear my son telling me he is afraid and does not know what to believe around the virus scare out there right now. I get it. I see it. And I also see that this is what is moving and driving the tyrannical restrictions and trespass on our sovereign rights as children of God. As a mother and grandmother, I want to protect my kin from this and help them see the truth. But it is not to be... at this time.

There is a greater energetic force holding on to the majority of the population right now and it is causing great fear. And through this fear mongering we must journey. Free will is there for us. My choice is clear and solid. I will not consent to fear tactics that are not real. I will trust my heart and seek truth. Watching a family succumb to the trespass of propaganda, fear and restrictions of movement and isolating gramma is extremely hard indeed.

The power of energy is strong though and the truth I see and feel is that we are more than physical and we can transcend all this and move to the higher dimensions that we are programmed for by Divine. We can connect energetically ... and that is what I will practice in my spiritual journey at this time of isolating Gramma. They may be able to stop me from connecting physically but that is such a small part of the reality of what it means to truly be. We are more energetically powerful than we consciously know at this time. And that is the movement I want to be part of.

The potential of our power is precisely the energy the evil is afraid of us tapping into. They have cloaked us in a dark agenda for many years and those that are awake are the ones that are here to assist others in the awakening when they are ready. And I must remember to allow each their journey and to follow the guidance of God as I surrender my will to the power of transcendence that is increasing now for earth and humans.

I do not know if my son or family is vaccinated. I am on a need-to-know basis and this has been going on for a very long time. The two girls from my son’s previous relationship have always been close to me. Their mother is in favor of my influence in their life. Sometimes I wish she still had them in her care because then I would have more access to them. I wonder what makes a woman want to push a grandmother out of the family "bubble".

My guides are telling me to choose peace.  My higher self is telling me the peace I seek is within my heart and soul. And that peace is connected to my trust in God and my faith in the Divine to take care of this in the best way possible. And so, I remember the mantra: "May the greatest and best manifest" and so it will.

It is interesting to watch as soul family connections are showing up the more I tap into higher vibrations, and that confirms that I must continue to flow with the energies of higher vibrations of love and joy. I will not stay in situations that are soul sucking. That would be a sin.

So, I pray that all my grandchildren will be safe and well cared for. I pray for all the children of the world that they may live in a world where creativity and joy is the way. I do innerstand that the power of our energy can transcend physical restrictions. So that is what I practice in order to stay in love vibration. I forgive myself and others and set myself free.

I am a mother and the energy of protection is strong. But I know I must let go and let others live their lives the way they choose. The most important thing now is to practice more energy connections. I know his type of connection has more power than the physical.

My heart goes out to all grandparents and grandchildren and families that are traveling through the heartbreak and sadness of separation and the grief of isolation. May you seek peace through Divine connection and break the chains of oppression that is being used to annihilate us.

Knowing that energetically we are transcending to a higher frequency gives me the peace that comes with trusting in God.

Ask and it is given... that is a spiritual law. I therefore ask God for the greatest outcome in this situation, I then allow the divine force to set it all in motion and I ready myself for the coming of the given. The important thing to remember here is to allow and get out of the way of how it will manifest. That is the activity of the Divine. Our work is to ask and then watch for the giving and receive with gratitude.

May the greatest and best manifest in this time of Change.