Immune Support

Oct 30, 2020
Natural Immune Support

Many things in our environment these days starve the immune system, like over processed, chemically laden foods; lack of good sleep; lack of clean water; emotional distress; overwork; not following our hearts desires… and many more aspects of modern life, have all contributed to weakening the immune system. And with a weakened immune system, we are more susceptible to getting sick.

And for many, when faced with sickness, turn to pharmaceutical drugs which weaken our immune system further. We want relief and we have been conditioned to seek it from our Medical professionals. Just listening to, or reading the side effects of the drugs prescribed should be enough to scare anyone away from using them.

Seen in this light we can awaken to the fact that perhaps the powers that be… do not really have our best interest at heart when it comes to wellness. We seem to be sicker than ever before. Our immune systems are not being supported and it shows in how sick we have become overall.

And so, we bring forth some options and solutions here for supporting the immune system.

We strengthen our Immune system with whole foods, herbs, restful sleep, exercise and taking care of our emotional wellbeing. These are all excellent supporters of the immune system.

One of the things that can interfere with our immune system is being out of sync with the natural cycles of light and dark. With the invention of light bulbs, we started to move away from the natural rhythms of our body and that has a huge impact our immune system.

For optimal immune support, we need to be in day light, preferably morning light, for at least 15 minutes a day and then be in total dark at night. The artificial lights we are exposed to at night… the blue light of the computer, TV, and light bulbs are detrimental to the melatonin production needed to get the deep sleep we need for cell regeneration. This is what is referred to as the circadian rhythm…. Being in tune with nature’s light and dark cycles will help us get the sleep we need to support a strong immune system.

The pineal gland needs this cycle to produce melatonin. And this process can be disrupted when we do not get daylight into our eyes… no glasses, no contact lenses… and when our eyes are exposed to artificial light too far into the evening when night comes.

The body is programmed to prepare us for sleep and when the natural process is disrupted, it pushes the production of melatonin back about 4 hours. And when that happens, we don’t get the deep sleep needed for cell regeneration. The use of blue blocker glasses can help a great deal. And using red light to make our way through our environment is better for us than the bright lights that are currently being used.

Being out in nature… 15 minutes a day, doing light exercise is highly beneficial… especially if you can put your bare feet on the ground. I know, this can be cold and uncomfortable for many, me included, so I use wool socks or wear leather moccasins that will allow the earth magnetism to rise and connect with my body. This is what is called grounding.

These are some of the natural ways to support the immune system.

Herbal support can help kick our immune system back into gear because they are natural and our body tunes in to what is natural. We can be reminded here that when we listen to our body, and honor it as a messenger, then we can pay attention to the early stages of sickness and seek balance with natural options and solutions.

The other week I woke with a bit of a sore throat. And immediately after getting up I sprayed some colloidal silver in my nasal passages and took some internally. Nipping it early like that took care of whatever was trying to take hold. I also, sat quietly and tuned into my body. I realized I had been going strong with many farm tasks and other project activities, and my body was telling me to slow down. When I listened to my body I was able to reset it by giving myself what I needed and sickness did not take hold.

Colloidal Silver is my favorite "go to" for immune support when sickness comes a calling, but there are other supporting herbs that can help with boosting the immune system when we are not well, and this is a good Segway to turning our attention to herbal support.

Echinacea is a very good for immune support. It helps in the production of white blood cells and stops the growth of most viruses and bacteria. A tincture of Echinacea is excellent for both boosting the immune system and fighting infection. The recommended dosage is one drop of tincture for every pound of body weight several times a week for prevention and several times a day when infection or virus is active in the body.

Garlic is another great immune supporter. It was used successfully in days of old to help prevent infection and it is still effective today. You can eat it raw or cooked. Just know that while the cooked garlic still retains its antibacterial properties, one needs to consume more of it this way. We make and use garlic tincture. As well, we make garlic honey.

Ginseng is another immune supporter. Siberian ginseng helps support the immune system to kick into gear with both infection and stress. Panax ginseng is especially beneficial in times of physical or emotional stress. It can produce unpleasant rise in energy symptoms if taken when not needed.

Astragalus root is a great herb for building up the immune system. We add it to our food.

Medicinal Mushrooms are a great way to support the body… Paul Stametes is a good resource here if you want to dive in deeper and make tinctures or infusions. Reishii and Shiitake mushrooms are able to suppress infection. They are apoptogenic and help revitalize cells.

Zinc helps build white blood cells and, in this way, helps to take out bacterial infections. Nettles, Echinacea and Seaweed are excellent sources of zinc.

Minerals like Selenium is another “go to” for building a healthy immune system. It is found in garlic, medicinal mushroom and astragalus.

Potato skins, lentils and broccoli are a great source for getting the essential B-vitamin complex into the body for immune support.

Beets and carrots are immune nourishing, the Carotenes help to strengthen the immune system.

Nourishing herbs and food are not enough however, our mindset has a direct and very powerful effect on our immune system. Just as what we feed our body either starves or nourishes our immune system, it is just as important to realize that what we focus our mind on has a big impact. Our emotions and feelings are part of the picture here. The electrical currents that flow through us are generated through the complex body system. And the immune system responds to the signals they carry. Unexpressed negative emotions such as anger, depression, bitterness, resentment and so forth have a negative impact on the immune system. And positive emotions work in the opposite… they nourish the cells toward strengthening the immune system.

And so, we gather together in our Virtual Gatherings to share information and support each other to building a more positive mindset. The mind is a powerful force in that it provides us with the power of focus.

When we focus our minds toward thinking and speaking more positively, we give tremendous support to our immune system.

Studies show that when we talk lovingly to a plant it will thrive. It also showed that when it was spoken to in negative ways, the plant withered away. So it is with humans.

Practicing a positive mindset can be challenging, especially these days. But, it is a force that if we begin to see how it can affect us in so many wonderful ways… we can move toward awareness of our thoughts and emotions and change them if need be. That is the power we have as human beings.  And the more we can combine all these aspects into our daily life,  the better we will feel in mind, body and spirit.

Building a strong and healthy immune system is a smart move for Wellness.

Our wish for you is to be well and live abundantly.

Dora, Go For Wellness