Christ Consciousness

Apr 10, 2021

So much going on right now. What is the truth anyway andwho can we trust?

These are the things that have been going on in my mind lately as I watch people continue to wear masks and distance from those who do not consent to wearing masks for one reason or another.

My reason is simple. I honor my immune system with good food, daily grounding and others things that are just common sense. And all this "protectionism doctrine" is just not proven to be effective... except to cut us off from one another and to keep us away from discovering our powerful Christ Consciousness. I see it clearly these days!

One of the things I am being guided to be more involved in of late, is spirituality. As I see those that seek to govern us with rules and laws that go against what I believe is my right to liberty as a sovereign being, I am drawn more into the teachings of Christ and what it means to be in Christ Consciousness.

I don't believe a man in the sky will come back and save us ... I believe the Christ Consciousness is what will save us. When we come to know that we are children of God (or however you wish to define the divinity that you came forth from); when we really sit and meditate on that, it becomes very clear that God is the Commander in Chief, the God force is our true guidance. This is where we will find the truth. And for me, that means being in a steady practice of observing my thoughts and seeking truth within my heart. This for me, is the road into the realm of coming back to my salvation as a child of God... as I see how I am of Divine energy.

For me, Christ Consciousness is about love and compassion and also about standing strong against evil. These are the attributes that will connect us back to our God source. The second coming of Christ is about this very thing (as I am learning to see it). These are challenging times for sure... and that is why a spiritual practice is becoming more of a mainstay for me in terms of my consciousness.

The bible is filled with spiritual  teachings, however, when I was growing up, I saw those close to me taking the teachings literally rather than symbolically. And, I see that is still in the consciousness of many. This type of teaching has contributed to the programming that has lead us to look outside ourselves for answers and for our salvation rather than seek it within.

Consider that salvation may come through Christ Consciousness. It is by aligning with the forces of love and compassion that we can come to truth. When leaders are evil, we have every right to stand against them. It is our God given right. And, it is our responsibility to stand strong. This is a time of great change for us all as well as the Babylonian slave masters, as they see they are losing the game, they are gaining momentum in their attempt to destroy our sovereignty and take our souls out of the game. Why? Because they know what power we could yield if we learn to know and use our power.

The mark of the beast is upon us... this is how I see the current situation with injections. Our salvation lies in our connection with God. And if we do not seek to free ourselves from oppression then who will? "God helps those who help themselves." That is what I keep in mind as I go about my daily chores and activities.

It is up to us to stand in our God given rights. Everything else is temporary. Presidents come, Presidents go. God is constant. And the laws of spirituality are the only ones that are true... in my mind.

Yes... I am sad about the disconnect with family, yes, I get angry when I see children getting tested and being subjected to trespass against their little bodies with a needle injection. And I am deeply disturbed about the trafficking of human beings. It is our duty to stand up for the victims in these situations. How? By seeing the truth, speaking the truth and standing against evil. I ask for guidance daily that I may stay in Christ Consciousness as I move about and witness the insanity of this Babylonian time. And as I seek to re-establish my power and rise up to stand up when I am guided to.

Will a leader come forth as Moses did to lead us away from the evil? Maybe... but this leader would have to be one that is connected with Christ Consciousness as well. We have been lied to for so long and it is hard to trust our worldly leaders; this is the reason why I am moving more into the spirituality of the God source to reconnect with the powers that were given to me from that source.

Cut off for many years and perhaps even lifetimes, I am seeing the way out is to pray and seek truth and guidance from my Commander in Chief (God Source energy). And to recognize the guidance when it comes. I am choosing to step out of the matrix that was created by the evil forces; that is my stand. I take most of what I see as Ego driven activity as being in the matrix. I see all that is fear driven as being in the matrix. The way out of the matrix is with Christ Consciousness. That is how I seek to discern between being in the matrix or being with God.

The matrix will not let us use our God given powers of vision and healing. The matrix is intended to keep us dumb and sleepy so we will accept whatever evil is delivered to us. We may even seek it because we have been conditioned to believe the lies that are there to diminish our light. They have made it very convenient... but will it stay that way is the question that comes to my mind.

More talks will be posted in our Youtube video channel (goforwellness) around spirituality and the topic of Christ Consciousness. We will be examining the symbolism that is contained in the bible and discussing some key interpretations therein. By tapping into our Christ consciousness I believe we can move mountains and it is the only way to true salvation. It is time to re-learn the truth... to be the truth... to speak the truth and stand against the lies and evil that is so viscous in the attempt to annihilate the human race. With Christ consciousness, we can see the truth and we will know when evil is tempting us and we have the free will to choose. To choose with a consciousness that is solid in knowing who we are in our God given Sovereignty is a solid foundation to build on.

Christ Consciousness... the power we have within ... that is where salvation is. Love is truly the Answer.