Befriend your Body

Nov 09, 2020

Befriend your Body

When an ailment or dis-ease in the body comes a calling, it has probably already traveled through the subtle energy system that is in, and surrounds all of us as human beings

Seen as a message, we can move to appreciate the ailment or dis-ease as a gift of sorts. And rather than resist or ignore it, we can acknowledge the body as being the messenger that is warning us that our system is out of balance. We befriend the body by paying attention to the messages it brings forth and in this way, we honor ourselves in a very profound way.

We encourage this method of looking at dis-ease in the body for anyone going on a wellness journey. It is not the only way; however, it has proven to be a successful road leading to full and sustainable recovery for many of our clients.  We see it as a foundational piece for moving deeper inward on the journey to self discovery and building a strong and healthy body.

We use this foundational piece as guidance when facilitating others toward navigating the source of an imbalance that is manifesting through the body. A diagnosis from a medical professional is helpful as well as it is from that diagnosis we can travel in to see the connections between the physical body and the subtle energy that connects to it. One of the tools we use is the Chakra system. It is not the only tool we use but it is a powerful one that can be used by anyone to learn about navigating a wellness journey.

Fear, anxiety, phobias and physical and health issues may be symptoms of overactive or under active chakras. We see the chakra system as the harbinger of our sub-conscious programming and the sub-conscious mind is very powerful because it drives us sub-consciously.

We all receive programming throughout our lives; by family, culture, education and the environments we are exposed to. And it is that programming we look to as part of the discovery process for the best road to travel in each unique journey. And when we see the body as the messenger of an imbalance, we are closer to the solution for bringing balance back to the body.

The body knows how to heal when the environment is a nourishing one. Our sub-conscious holds an environment of its own based on the programming we have received or are buying into. We encourage our clients to use more life affirming language and in this way, we say, do not own your ailment or dis-ease; say instead, it is an expression of an imbalance. Speaking to your sub-conscious with language that is more life affirming is a powerful way to reset it. For instance, instead of saying "I have this or that", we can use language that says my body is "expressing this or that". By acknowledging an expression of an ailment or dis-ease we are moving more in the direction of what is the body trying to tell us rather than succumbing to the notion that it is a condition that we have no power over. Ownership is powerful and when we own that we are the drivers in our own wellness, then we can rise to take on the journey of self-discovery and can move in the direction of optimum wellness.

A lot of programming has been going on over the years that speaks to seeking relief from symptoms by using medications. And many people are beginning to want more than just relief of symptoms… they want a complete and sustainable healing. It is good to seek relief of course, however, in many cases, if we do not get to the source of the problem that is expressing the dis-ease or ailment in our body, the problem may return, maybe not in the same way, but almost certainly in the area of the subtle body that is out of balance. Befriending the body and taking the time to investigate the cause, is an act of honoring ourselves in a very healthy way.

And so, we invite you to befriend you body, see the body as an expression of something greater… and use it to navigate toward creating harmony between the energy body and the physical body.

Our wish for you is to be well and live abundantly”

Dora and the Go For Wellness Team.