Abiding in Love

Jun 23, 2021

There are so many challenges in our lives today as we face so many unknowns. And in some cases we may be triggered to move our consciousness to negative energies such as Fear, Anger, Rage, Depression etc.

Personally, I have faced a huge challenge of being isolated from my grandchildren and while I have decided to abide in love through this challenge, I have observed my ego rising to react in a way that is not abiding in love.

For the most part, I have been steady but just a while back I flew into a rant around not being able to see a special grandchild that I have grown very fond of. She stayed with us for 2 months while her sister was hospitalized in the spring of 2020. We got to know this child very well while she was with us and we attended to her special needs and allowed her to unleash her creativity by providing her with paper, scissors, stapler, tape and more… she also has many dolls and doll accessories to play with. This child has been diagnosed with FAS (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome) and not many are able to take care of her over the long haul. But, once we realized what she responded to and where her weaknesses were… and abided in love with her throughout it all, we found that it wasn’t all that difficult to take care of her. In fact, it was a joyful experience.

Now, after three months of not being able to have her visit us, my ego took over one morning and I ranted about taking my son to court… ranting about how cruel it is to keep her away from me…. On and on until my friends from out of town showed up. They wrapped their arms around me as I wept and gave me comfort. They had come to help with gardening and were staying overnight. I was able to shift into the tasks of the day and laid aside my rants about not being able to see my granddaughter. That night I thought more about the harsh energies that were coming up in me and in the observation, I made the decision to move back into abiding in love. And part of that included surrendering to the will of God. I prayed for the Greatest and Best to Manifest and then settled back into trust and faith in the power of love.

A few days later, I got a call from my son. He sounded very upbeat and chatted generally for a bit before asking if I wanted to take my granddaughter during the weekdays at times during the summer. I said yes, we love her and will take her anytime and immediately arranged for the first visit which is coming up in a few days. I feel as though I passed the test of temptation to move into negative energies.

Abiding in Love does not mean I have to like things or the behaviour of others: to me, it means using love to overcome difficulties; it means connecting to the Christ Consciousness within that involves engaging in compassion and love and sending out the energy of love and light to all… especially those things and behaviors that challenge us the most. I will never underestimate the power of love.

I innerstand that for me, the power of love is the answer to all challenges… big or small.

Abiding in Love is a beautiful way to live. With love all things are possible.