The Seed and the Light

Feb 18, 2021

It is such an exciting time of the year for us as we begin to plant our seeds indoors and nurture them with light and water and love until they are ready to move outdoors in the springtime.

Today as I checked in on them, I had a profound realization of the deep connection we humans have to the natural unfolding of our own purpose that is nurtured by Divine Love and Light… all our potential is within us just as it is with the seed.

The seed contains everything it needs to express itself and when the time and environment is right, it can begin its journey.

In this way, us humans too have everything we need to express our authentic and true natures. And we came here to fulfill a purpose, to be part of this great awakening. And, as the environment gets cleaned up from the dark forces that have kept us from expressing our sovereignty and tapping into the power of our greatness, we are at a time when the germination process is served best by a well cultivated environment which includes a lot of time under the warmth and nurturing rays of light.

During the initial time of the planting of the seeds, the light over them is kept on 24/7 and they are kept watered. We also use the cycle of the moon to plant seeds to encourage optimum growth. The environment, when it is right, allows the seed to break free of its shell and begin to express itself.

The desire of the plant to fulfill its purpose is shown so beautifully when they burst forth out of the soil. And it is such a delight to watch them come up. My heart pours love out to them and I rejoice in the anticipation of the bounty of the food they will bring forth as they grow to maturity through the season.

The nucleus of the plant is protected by its seed, the hard outer shell, until it seeks to break through and reach for the light. What a courageous thing to do, to break out of the protection and become vulnerable to the outer elements it is moving into. And as a seedling, it is fragile. This is the time when the environment around the seedling will determine its growth.

Some seeds germinate faster than others, and some will not come forth, even when the environment is equal to them all. And it is ok. It is the way of nature.

What a beautiful connection between the amazing wonder of the seed as it responds to the loving environment of light and nurturance to the human experience in this space and time of waking up to the realization that the light is within us. To awaken to this great power is the key to unlocking the door to Liberation from the bondage of the controlling matrix that has ruled nefariously for so long.

And it is a reminder of the vital importance of becoming aware of our environment and to say no to that which does not serve our unique expression in this world. To observe when we are feeling diminished and to seek out that which will help us to move back into shining our light and nurturing the seed of rising consciousness within. To feed our growth with love and light and turn away from the darkness.

We are the ones that can make the difference. We are the gardeners and care takers of our soul. And the time is now to clear up the environment… to become the observer in our world and to pull up courage to bring in more and more light so that we become stronger as individuals and within the collective.

The gardener is you and the seed within may have already sprouted, or it may still be laying dormant. It’s ok… wherever you are in the process of expressing your beautiful authentic self, believe that you have the power to create an environment that supports your growth. No matter what. You have the power to change your reality by the thoughts and feelings you allow into your consciousness.

I am reminded here of the courage card in the Osho Zen Tarot: it talks of the courage that is needed to grow; we must break free from the shell and face the outer elements… there is no guarantee of a journey without incident, but as it reaches for the light, it gets stronger and finally makes its way to become the flower it was meant to be… the picture on this card shows a flower bursting forth out of a crack in the concrete. The environment was not an ideal one, but the desire to reach for the light was strong enough to allow the beautiful flower to emerge as it was designed to do.

Be the flower you were meant to be… do whatever you can to reach for the light. Look within and shine the light on your passions and desires. Muster up the courage to turn your back on the evil darkness of control and diminishment and bring your light forth – just as the plant does on its journey. Each individual unfolding lends to the greater picture of a world where we are united in love and compassion.

This is the only way. Our salvation is the inner-standing that we are the light we seek and we hold the seeds to the manifestation of our reality. This is the truth that has been withheld from us and is the truth that will set us free.

The power we hold as human beings has been suppressed for a long time… now is the time of Awakening to the realization that the seed and light are within us. Nurture that and your reality will be the reflection of your thoughts and feelings. Be the faithful gardener of your soul and set yourself free. And so it will BE!