Numerology as a foundational self help tool

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Numerology has been used for a source of information since the dawn of time. Numerology is the science of obtaining information about life using numbers from birth dates and also names that people go by. Numerology based on the Pythagorean method has been around since the sixth century when a Greek mathematician called Pythagoras created the Pythagorean Number system. He was also a philosopher and theorist and his research on numbers paved the way to the field of numerology. Pythagoras believed that everything could be reduced to numbers and that there was power to them. He also believed that the world was built on this power. And, during his time, it was widely accepted that vibrating energy is what creates worlds and all that we see. The characteristics of this energy could be understood through numbers due to the belief that each number vibrates a certain way and the core of any matter is made up of vibrating numerical energy.

And so, this is the basis of this reading; that the numbers that are in your birth date and name help to get a clearer understanding of you.

Your personal numerology chart is a blueprint of who you are and describes your behavior in certain situations, indicates your strengths and weaknesses and helps you to understand what hurdles you need to overcome in order to improve your life and be happy and joyful. There is no prediction here, just guidelines of what the numbers in your makeup mean. It is my wish that you are able to use this information to understand and navigate more clearly and purposefully through your life.

The Pythagorean number system is used to calculate birth date and names to a single digit number. And there are 7 numbers that are calculated with this method and these numbers offer a vibration that affects different aspects of your life energy.

There are for 7 aspects of you. The first 6 are the primary, most important numbers. The attitude number is the 7th and holds less importance than the primary 6, but still needs to be part of the group and considered in a reading. They are listed as follows:

Life Path Numbers

Life Path numbers are the most important number in numerology. It is the number whose attributes you must act on to be happy and fulfilled in life.

Soul Numbers

Soul number indicates what is felt inside.
Living contrary to our Soul number will manifest as
unhappiness and a feeling of fulfillment. If it is a challenge to your life path number, you may be misunderstood or experience conflict in yourself in manifesting your desires.

Learning how to marry the two will help to ease the
conflict and allow forward movement and perhaps a sense of humor too.

Personality Numbers

Personality number is what you show to the world and
what others see. If this is a challenge number to the Life
Path number one may not appear as they really are.

Power Name Numbers

It is the strength of the name you go by and lets others
know who you really are.

Destiny Numbers

The Destiny number gives you a glimpse of where one is
headed as time goes on. The Life Path is the course, and the Destiny is where you will end up. It is the power behind
any change and it will express itself throughout your life.

Birth Day Numbers

It represents the way you look and the how people perceive
you at first glance. And if this number is a challenge to your
Life Path number, which is who you really are, you may
baffle people. In this case it is wise to let people know who
you really are.

Attitude Numbers

This number gives first impressions to others and if this number is a challenge to your Life Path number, people
may not see who you really are and difficulties could arise.

Compatibility in numerology.

Each number has a positive and negative energy to it and sometimes we can bring out a negative aspect of a number just by our expectation of it. This is where numerology is helpful, to guide us in breaking down our own patterns of expectation and to change negative energy into positive energy. Yes, the power is within us to change our relationships with ourselves and others. Numerology is an excellent tool.

In relationships:

Natural Match are numbers that are alike and there is automatic connection between them and the relationship is smooth. These numbers are grouped in threes:

  1. The mind numbers are 1, 5, and 7;
  2. The business minded numbers are 2, 4, and 8;
  3. The creative-minded numbers are 3, 6, and 9.

Compatible Numbers will enjoy each others company and will be willing to work things out.

Neutral Numbers are a vibration where there may be indifference at first. As time goes on the
relationship could go either way.

Challenge numbers are the numbers that really do not understand one another. It is as if there are different languages going on. Hurt feelings and misunderstandings are common when people come together with Challenge Numbers. It’s not anyone’s fault, it is just different vibrations flowing in different directions.

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