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Tachyon Energy

“…harmonizing human beings, harmonizing emotions, and human’s mind.

Tachyons can do all of that, bringing us closer to the source of life.
Cobra Resistance

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We offer powerful wellness modalities for the following wellness treatments.


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NEW remote Wellness modality

It has been quite the journey to find a modality to support those who have participated in the experimental injections in play during the last few years (2019 - 2022).
We have learned that the injection may cause a reversal in the spin of the chakras.

Pete has studied over the winter and is now able to assist in bringing the chakras back to spin
the correct way
plus bring in other energies to support healing and wellness.

These sessions are delivered remotely through a zoom session.
Sessions are about one hour in duration. ($80.00 CAD)

If you are interested in participating in a session, contact us.

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No worries...we can help you navigate your way through the different options for your Wellness journey and create a unique path for you with a 30 minute online Initial Consultation.

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